Best Caribbean Beaches

St. John

One great place to go in the Caribbean that most people don’t know about it, is Cinnamon Bay. This beach is known as the quietest beach on the island of St. John. Since two thirds of the island is a protected national park there is little development. This Caribbean shore line is not built up or developed, there is no port or airport. Nearby Trunk Bay will have few visitors. This is the most secluded part and because of that it is a very pristine chain of islands. The downside is that it’s not easy to get there.┬áIn this picture of Cinnamon Bay there are more people than we would expect for a secluded beach.


Coupled with luxurious lodges, the nature of these islands is magnificent. There is first-class diving, snorkelling, sandy shores and full relaxation. Lush peaks and deep valleys along the 365 rivers cover the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica. 


In the middle of the Caicos is one of the most spectacular sandy beaches in the world: Mudjin Harbor Beach in the Middle Caicans. Mudjin is a spectacular place to relax. Sea cliffs and dramatic rock formations off the coast, haunted by crashing waves, make it a fascinating place to enjoy the Caribbean views and pinch yourself. Connected by ferry to the developing Turks and Caicos island of Providenciales in the north, the island offers a rustic island life without glossy resorts. The islands of Bambarra Beach offer a desert with sandy beaches, surfing and quiet swimming.

Little Cayman

Famous for impressive dive sites and marine experiences such as Stingray City, this trio of islands is popular with visitors looking for fine dining, sophisticated resorts such as Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa (which topped our list of the top 25 resorts in the Caribbean) and stunning beaches such as Seven Mile Beach on both sides. Cayman Brac, a smaller sister island to Little Cayman, is a relaxed alternative to George Towns hustle and bustle, a 45-minute flight away. A compact, well-explored, family-friendly destination full of sights and attractions, including Harrison Cave, where electric trams ride the 1 1 / 2 mile network of breathtaking caves that was first mapped in 1974.

Antigua and Barbuda

The picturesque islands are known for their world-famous chocolate and spices, but they also boast lush rainforests full of waterfalls, pristine beaches and leatherback turtles roaming. Antigua and Barbuda is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit and is open to tourists of all nationalities. For more information on the entry rules and protocols of the islands, see our guide to Antigua and Barbuda open travel.


Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean islands opened to tourism on July 1, 2020. Travel restrictions are very mild, and many travellers flock to the island. Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean islands open to tourism, so I recommend reading our updated guide to the reopening of Jamaica.

As a popular family vacation, this eastern Caribbean island offers exciting zip-line tours, exciting island safaris and 365 gorgeous beaches, one for every day of the year. There is also a children’s museum, a restored sugar plantation and an inflatable water park on the moors. The island has a new airport and fantastic family-friendly resorts. On a zipline tour through the rainforest, fly high up in the trees around the island, where you can enjoy a drink at a canopy bar. It is not considered a high risk island for visitors, but petty crime increases during the carnival, which takes place in July.

Florida Keys

This undiscovered island is known for an incredible number of beaches, including Turner Beach. The island has 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. This is enough to keep even the most ardent beach-goers busy. Dive into the top attractions of this Caribbean island.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico and Cuba are great islands to experience some of the best pina coladas, and of course Cuba has the best mojitos and daiquiris. Heavyweights Barbados and Jamaica are perfect for rum punch and its variations, while Turks and Caicos rum punch looks great and is served in one of the best beach bars in the region, Da Conch Shak. In order to enjoy the best Caribbean rum drinks, you have to taste unique mixtures of the locals on each island.

Like other Caribbean islands with luxury resorts, bespoke cocktails and designer hotel suites, Haiti is more than just an adventure. Half the Epaniola has had its difficulties, from a devastating earthquake to a coup, but that has not changed the rugged cliffs and palm-fringed beaches of Jacmel or the turquoise waters of Labadee, where cruise ships dock in their thousands.

Activities abound on the water as well. Catching and riding fishing boats on the beaches of Ring Island is a classic Grenadine experience, or you can charter your own boat. The main island of St. Vincent and the Rainforest is more idyllic than Bequia, but here in the Grenadines the stars are gentle. Overlooked by neighboring Tobago, Trinidad is the largest and most vibrant of the Caribbean islands, reveling in Creole culture and boasting a party scene that culminates in one of the largest carnival celebrations in the world. A small island that prides itself on what it lacks in unspoilt nature and resorts, but is worth a visit for the fun and water.

The Caribbean offers endless possibilities and is a microcosm of how close the US is to the 700 islands of the Bahamas, from remote retreats to shiny mega-resorts. Aruba’s main attraction is a ribbon of beaches lined with large, first-class resorts surrounded by shopping malls and famous restaurants and bars. Grand Cayman: Reminiscent of South Florida, but more orderly and with less traffic.

Everyone knows that this beautiful Caribbean island has one of the most extraordinary turquoise waters in the world. Combine this with the white sandy beaches stretching for miles and it is easy to see why this island beauty has been captured by the world. From St. Lucia’s iconic Piton Cayman to the islands “magnificent seven-mile beaches, trying to work out which of these islands is the best is a bit of a problem.

As a world-famous destination for boat cruises, tourists from all over the world flock to the British Virgin Islands, stopping at cruise ports and boat hubs. From St. Bart to St. Maarten, the islands are among the safest in the Caribbean and are known for their stunning beaches, turquoise seas and stunning national parks. Penalties for crime are less severe on the islands, resulting in a relatively low crime rate.

Let’s start with the weather, which remains stable, warm and unaffected by the hurricanes that are washed in from the Atlantic Belt. The jewel-shaped islands in the far south of the region are closer to the mainland than many of the other salt-washed islands in the Caribbean. Over 300 days of sunshine and calming coastal waters provide a steady stream of snowbirds from the mainland, who see year-round baby sand on the beaches of the south, the wind-blown rocks of Hadikurari, the shades of Arashi and the annular Boca Catalina.