How to have fun in Japan without spending a lot of money

1. Hanabi – Japanese Fireworks

Hanabi is about more than just a simple fireworks show. The Japanese word, “hanabi” literally means “fire flower.” To celebrate the season of light and life, people in Japan set off fireworks for festivals to ward off evil and bring happiness for the year ahead. Hanabi – Japanese Fireworks has been an integral part of these celebrations since ancient times. It’s also a major tourist attraction as well! Whether you’re looking for information on where to get tickets or how to buy them online, we’ve got it all!

2. Matsuri – Japanese Festivals

Matsuri is a traditional Japanese festival, which means that in addition to the typical American fair food and carnival games you’ll also find other activities. One of these are the “mikoshi” or portable shrines, which are carried around town by teams of people. You can even participate yourself! It’s an interesting experience for everyone who attends to see all the different cultural traditions on display. Other festivals include bonfires, dashi floats that look like giant tea kettles and samurai reenactments. The most popular Matsuri is held at Asakusa Shrine in Tokyo every year on May 15th and it lasts about 2 weeks with over 3 million visitors during this time period!

3. Watch a Sumo Practice

You may not be familiar with Sumo wrestling, but you will certainly know of it when one walks into a Japanese restaurant. The sport is steeped in tradition and has been around for centuries. These days, there are fewer tournaments than before because the sport can be played at home with the internet now. But if you’re feeling adventurous or want to have an authentic experience then this is something to check out! As well as watching the practice with locals on hand to explain what’s happening, you can also find out more about how they train and their diet regime by attending classes where they teach newcomers how to fight like a sumo wrestler!

4. Suntory Musashino Free Brewery Tour

I’m a big fan of the 4 best travel locations in the world, and I can’t wait to share with you my most recent experience at Suntory Musashino Free Brewery Tour. This is one of the best attractions in Tokyo. It’s a must-see! The tour was really interesting and informative. You get an idea of how beer is made from start to finish, which I found fascinating. There are also some great views of Mt Fuji on this tour so that makes it even more worth it! If you’re looking for awesome things to do when visiting Japan then this should be on your list!

5. Toyosu Fish Market

I’m going to show you the 5 best places in the world for traveling. And we’re starting with Toyosu Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan. I was there and it is fantastic! Lots of amazing seafood everywhere and lots of great people watching opportunities too 😉 You can also visit some other attractions like Akihabara Electric Town (a huge electronic district), Ginza Shopping District (tons of shops), or Asakusa Temple Area (to see beautiful temples). You’ll never run out of things to do in this great city!